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Stanley Sport Aviation's Newsletter
Christmas Edition-2015

Christmas Party Time
November 21nd, 2014
Stanley Airport
Read Linda Layden's Message* below for all the information


It is mid November as I write this, Summer is long gone but the flying season is not yet over at Stanley. Depending on the snow conditions flying from Stanley could continue all Winter. With Waterville’s demise a done deal we now hear Liverpool is closing. Where does that leave us. How does this sound, alive and well, financially sound, growing with a waiting list for hangar and camping spaces, numerous calls about hangar lots, recent 20 year lease, fuel prices are going down and I expect avgas will soon be cheaper and this will certainly increase flying activity. Yes we are all getting older and we are unable to attract new young members. I think this is because any young people getting into flying go commercial. To fly at Stanley you must have your own airplane or access to a friend or family member’s plane.
Most young people are raising a family, paying for their education and paying a mortgage. There is not much left for flying even if you obtained a free licence in Air Cadets.
How can we prosper and grow when other Airports and flying clubs are shutting down? There are many reasons. We have stuck to the policy of ‘not for profit’. There are no frills at Stanley, this is grass roots flying and the least expensive recreation you will find anywhere. We only charge members enough to keep and improve what we have. We don’t need employees, new Club hangars or pavement.
If we tried to run this as a for profit business it would fail. Want proof? How many flying clubs were active 25 years ago in the Maritimes and how many are active now?
A few years ago we could see the writing on the wall and since the heavy construction was done when we were all younger we decided to replace exposed lumber with pressure treated, copper with pex, painted hangars with vinyl, shingled roofs with steel etc.
We are almost there and all us old folks will have to do then is routine maintenance. We still get members showing up in great numbers at the work parties and the work is much easier than it used to be. Yes we are getting older but we, and SSA, will be around for many more years.
We even added an extra Fly-In breakfast this Fall and it went over extremely well despite the combined age of the cooks.
The next big event is the annual CHRISTMAS PARTY November 22nd. This is not just for kids. Santa and his Elf will arrive by horse and buggy or sleigh. Bring your kids and/or grandkids. Bring your friends. Bring a gift and take part in the gift exchange, this is a lot of fun. When was the last time you sat on Santa’s knee? Bring food for the pot luck supper and bring something for the food bank.
This is always well attended because it is the most fun for the money you will find at Christmas. A lot of work goes into this event, come out and support your club. As I mentioned earlier Stanley is alive and well, lets keep it that way.

Kevin Layden: President SSA

*Annual Stanley Christmas Party

The Christmas Party will be held this year on Saturday, November 22nd. Many of you think this is an event only for Kids. This event has always been well attended by Parents and Kids, Grandparents and Kids, adult couples, and single adults. There are many activities for Kids and a great time for adults to socialize. It is the last scheduled event of the year.
We have fantastic neighbours at Stanley and again this year Evangeline Trail Rides will give Santa and his helper a ride to the Club House by horse drawn sleigh or wagon. This is also a great opportunity for you to get some great pictures with Santa.
For gift exchange you should arrive by 2:30pm.
If you are bringing a child bring a gift for them and put their name on it. Adults are encouraged to take part in the gift exchange.
A man will bring a gift marked MALE and a woman brings a gift marked FEMALE. Gift values should be around $15.00.
Santa and his Elf will distribute the gifts to all who participate.
Food Bank:
Again this year we will be collecting items for the Stanley Area Food Bank. All donations will be greatly appreciated.
Schedule of events:
10:30 Kids depart the Club House to cut a tree.
12:00 Seafood Chowder served in the Club House.
Following lunch the Kids decorate the tree.
Crafts for the Kids. Please bring an apron for your child.
Magic show by Adrian Bent.
3:30 Santa and his Elf arrive.
5:00 Potluck supper. Please bring a casserole or desert.
After supper dishes are cleaned up the traditional Christmas movies will be shown.

If you have any questions please phone or email me.
Lynda Layden
Director of Social Events
Ph: 902-462-5813

Hello Ladies,

I’m sending out a quick note as I want to share a few ideas with you. I am planning on upping the anti in Hangar 2 next year and I am hoping you will agree that we can start anytime now. Please, don’t misunderstand, we don’t have to think about it for a year, but I do have a favour to ask of all of you - those that are good with a sewing machine, those who enjoy crafting, or love to work in the kitchen.
Next year, Hangar 2 will only be open for the Saturday. As it is getting more difficult to cover off the shifts required for two days, and as the take on the Sunday is always a fraction of what we take in on Saturday, I thought this would be a good compromise. Now, if it is pouring rain on the Saturday, but good weather for Sunday, we may simply change the day.
I would like to “beef up” the Christmas Table next year, and wean ourselves down on the “New to You” – not gone altogether, just not the focus of attention. I am hoping we can come up with some great ideas for a Christmas / Seasonal Table, including homemade ornaments and other items. I am sending this note as Hallowe’en is now over, and so is Thanksgiving. This means the fabric stores will be having sales on these types of material. I am hoping that some of you may consider purchasing these items on sale and sewing placemat sets, napkins, table runners, or any other ideas you may come up with. If some of you are gifted in the kitchen, maybe you could purchase a couple of pumpkins on sale and make preserves or jam. These things could be done relatively quickly, and put away until next year.
If any of you will be making ornaments for your children, grandchildren or yourselves, perhaps you could make a few extra and stash them until next year. I have a drawer that I’ve tied a red ribbon to the handle, and this is where I keep anything for Christmas the following year. You could use a plastic tub with “Stanley Labour Day Fly-In” labeled on the lid. If any of you have friends that enjoy doing crafts perhaps they would consider doing a couple for us – crocheted, painted, knitted – all items are welcome.
I am also planning on doing up a few gift baskets – small ones, suitable for teachers, paperboys, grandparents, etc. I think they would add colour to the tables and sell well.
I don’t want this to become too long, I’m just asking you to keep your eyes open, and think of the tables over this holiday season.
Thanks so much,
Lianne Neima-Special Events

The Fly-In has come and gone, Summer is over and once again Stanley Sport Aviations flying season nears its end.
The men put on a Fly-In breakfast (well mostly men) , just a one morning affair and it seemed to be well received.
Now we move onto the Christmas Party and the AGM. So read the information in this newsletter and keep an eye out for an email with details of the AGM.
This newsletter is pretty lean as it is near impossible to get participation from Stanley’s members and without your participation it becomes a vehicle for one mans opinion.
If I was the Prime Minister that would be just fine because as we all know his is the only opinion that counts but this newsletter supports democracy and I really want your opinions and your stories.
So sit back, put your feet up and digest the information your directors have sent your way.

Don McLeod-Newsletter Editor